About me

My name is Peter Hess, I am a professional concrete block and terrazzo. In 1977 I was awarded in my trade as regional winners and national winners of the Saarland in Germany. Since the terrazzo and tile, mosaic craft within the Hess family has a long tradition, do I still this craft in the sense of my father Kurt Hess continued. With an experience of 38 years I worked in various terrazzo and tile specialist companies in Saarland and Luxembourg.

I am working for more than 38 years in the manufacture of terrazzo. From simple to Terrazzo floor art works I can realize with that matter almost any design requirement.

All terrazzo I perform in person!

Terrazzo Hess GmbH
Dr. Walter-Bruch-Str.5
66606 St. Wendel

Saarland - Germany

Tel.: 06851-3264