Why terrazzo by Peter Hess?

Terrazzo, Terrazzobordüre

Today one no longer finds Terrazzo only in historical palaces, mansions and museums, but also in modern buildings.

The terrazzo is appreciated not only for its extremely long life and ease of maintenance, but also because it can be the combination of various grains and marble colors get very Customizable colors games and visual effects. Terrazzo is ideal for laying on a heated screed and contributes significantly to an absolute feel-good climate. Terrazzo is a 100% organic and therefore the perfect ground for allergy sufferers.

A terrazzo floor of Peter Hess wins with years of use in addition to beauty and elegance. This effect can also be seen in the terrazzo floors in Rome or Venice.

The benefits of terrazzo by Peter Hess at a glance:

real traditional terrazzo
individually to create in almost all colors and patterns
• almost jointless floor design
In bathrooms 100% barrier-free bathroom planning
• Very low maintenance costs
• Very easy to clean with soap
the highest hygienic requirements (hospitals, kindergartens)
• 100% organic
with natural aggregates (marble or stone chips)
Non-slip surfaces
old artisan tradition with modern design
warm underfoot with absolutely Fixing on heating floors

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